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Japanese actress:Akane Suzuki

(Akane Suzuki, April 2, 1984 -) Akane Suzuki, former Japanese gravure idol. Formermember firm Tijuana Entertainment Inc..
Akane Suzuki
April 2, 1984 Date of Birth
The current 27-year-old age
Akita, Japan Birthplace
Type B blood type
Nominal size (as of 2009)
Kg - 166 cm / Height / weight
Three sizes 88 - 58 - 82 cm
E bra size
Shoe size 23.5 cm
Conversion unit system [view]
2003 debut
Gravure genre
Content model swimsuit, underwearerotic wearhair nude
And other records
Miss Young Animal, 2006
Model: template - Category

Person-provenanceIn 2003, gravure debut DVD "Baroooon".In 2006, Miss Young Animal to be elected for four years from the year 2002, Yuko Ogura has been continued to be elected. The same year, with the animated "Sister Chokotto work" series the magazine, starring voice actor in the role of principal in Episode 15, in the "Manual DVD full choreographed dance N Nya cat ♥ Let's dance with everyone" Book Award-come basis, Volume 1 DVD (In gravure No. '16 Young Animal 2006 announces the choreography in the photographic analysis), Nyan Cat "in" fourth book Anchoko Sister · Chokotto "CD showcased in his cosplay cat choreographed to appear in anime" Dance N Nya cat " 2006 was responsible for the vocals of Miss Young Animal version "Dance ~.In 2007, the live-action film "second time live" series champion Young, appointed to the role of heroine walnut flower early. Same work will be published four works by 2009.Unveiled the first hair nude Shukan Gendai, Weekly Playboy, the magazine was released three FLASH on March 15, 2010, announced his retirement. On April 2, 2010 The 26-year-old birthday "FINAL Akane Suzuki Gekkan" hair nude photo collection has been published in the journal part three was released.Trend of the gravureIntroduction of media statements are often introduced with "Pretty Little Devil Lolita system." In addition, the skin white and big eyes, body and slender legs and long thin of pride, and even to show off without air press the preeminent style and beautiful ass firm and Breasts E-Cup and more in addition to tall is the charm point wearing erotic system.Wearing such a system seems erotic, many wearing T-back micro bikini, without stint of E cup bust, the valley is, of course, I showed no regrets beside milk, and milk under.Often not only the chest angle, capturing the bite of a T-back and groin. Further challenge has been racy, such as T-back bikini and micro only hide the nipples and crotch, made of string, also O bikini back bare hip.Many hands in one's underwear and swimwear bra, even semi-nude shots, often used on the cover of the DVD. In addition, the wet body oil or lotion in the shower while wearing a bathing suit or underwear, in addition to the nipple, are showing so well shot extremists would also show through to the crotch.In addition, the system also features a gravure idol in erotic wear, underwear, there are lots of Panmoro especially from the ultra-mini skirt. There are many to provoke pure white panties while showing boldly without showing the gesture seemed embarrassed devil system as well. When underwear panties visible, the dough is, of course, also show the case of bread and swimwear. Has generously presented the kinds of panties, some erotic Himopan, such as T-back.Many gravure was also such a thing, with a focus on underwear, many of the shots in cosplay schoolgirl mini skirt is super-Panmoro underwear "whole cosplay 2005" "BOMB" trading cards among others. In addition, in the movie "second time live", showed off a bold acting not only to volley the underwear, and untied the string of the panties, take off your panties, such as Dari.