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Japanese actress:Yuuri Morishita


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1985 (1985)born in Hachioji, TokyoHis father, Saitama Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, mother born in my parents' house in Tokyo. To elementary school grew up in Saitama Prefecture Hachiojisix-year elementary school that grew up in Saitama Prefecture. From junior high school go on to boarding school for middle and highconsistency of Kamo-gun, Hiroshima Prefecturefor six years until graduating from high school grew up in Hiroshima. High school was a very strict Christian high schoolsystemAfter graduating from high schoolgo on to college in TokyoIt was aiming for a cabin crewin 2005 after graduating from college, he joined with the launch of thecurrent office is invited to an acquaintance. After the reader, such as modelswhich made its debut on the cover of "HIP & LIP" gravure.

Date of Birth January 30, 1985
The current 27-year-old age
Place of Birth-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type A
Nominal size (point 2010)
Kg - 160 cm / Height / weight
Three sizes 90 - 55 - 90 cm
G size bra
Shoe size 24 cm
Conversion unit system
2003 debut
Gravure genre
Swimsuit model content
Remarks event model, CM
Other activities singeractress
And other records
Maiko Akagi
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